The word Hypocrite is From Hebrew and used in Greek, meaning Actor (Hypokrinein).

Its Etymology means: Under Judgement.

The Hebrew For Hypocrite is:



Its symbols are :Tzadik, Beit, Vav, Tsadik: 

It means:

Righteousness in the house of reality:

Repair The crooked Righteousness...


Nature Judges by Consequences of Behaviour.

All Unrighteousness has consequences.

Therefore It must be repaired Into Righteousness.


υποκριτική hypocrite, (greek). 

exists of:

ypsilon, phi, omicron, kappa, rho, iota, tau, iota, Kappa, eta. 

hebrew: left to right. 

tav, resh, ayin, kaf, pei, jod, shin, jod, kaf, vav. 

meaning ( hebrew) :

cross, head, eye, hands open ( accepting ), mouth with realities Truths, hand with stretched fingers, spirit, hand with stretched fingers, accepting, cross. 


meaning symbols:

The cross sees and accepts the man ( woman?) who speaks Realities Truths, with open arms, through Spirit, accepting him through the Cross.



Accept the hypocrite, Reality does so too...

look at the positive aspects: they spread eternal Truths.. 

The Pharisees are known to most of us...


Sadly there is Much confusion About their intentions and Psychology.


Therefore Let us refresh our memories a bit:


They are a Religious Sect that lived in the Days of the Atheïst called Lord Jesus Christ...


They where, according to Israëli Sources, mostly students at the Second Temple of Israël, which was Situated in Jeruzalem.


Although most of the Pharisees were enemies of God, not all where bad people...


Most Pharisees were addicted to status, power, control and the status quo.



Pharisees weren't all Bad people...


Some, like the Apostle Paul, followed the Christ and became His Disciples.


The Pharisees where smart people, brilliant in Rabbinical Class, literature and religious art.


They knew every word and story in the Bible, they read thousands of Books, knew the Mystery Traditions  and had a great deal of followers.

They where community Leaders...


Then what exactly was wrong with these people?


A few things:


1) They lacked ( and Resisted ) Awareness of Common Sense Justice.

And they had a lack of Love.


2)They Did not trust The Lord.


3) They where enemies because they believed in Controlling their flock at any price.


4) They Did not Know the meanings of the teachings in the Bible...

still they claimed they Did.


5) They Resisted Truth, when it collided with their Desire for control, Money, power and Status.


6) They Sold out Righteous people, and people who wanted to lead good lives, but Didn't Understand Righteousness.


7) They le(a)d astray people who trust upon their Ability to train Them to Obey God.


You see:

People Care About Righteousness...  


8) Bad Pharisees aren't Interested in Truth: There Is No God.


9) They Abuse people who talk about This fact.


10) They are Spiritually Damaging people with their Bullshit and have no Desire whatsoever to follow Biblical Justice...


This WebSite gives You the Means and Clarity to see Through that Phoney mask, and teaches You  some Correct teachings.


And It Explains You why and how to think For yourselves... 


The people in the video have had the same problems.


 They have had experience with state enforced Persecution From modern day Chinese church leaders, a group that sometimes resembles the Pharisees.


Its a clever Ruse of Satan ( The God Lie ) to silence the Voice of truth in people.


Here You Will learn how to heal Yourself From your Sins and Crimes Using Science...


At least the Justice part Will be repaired then.


Its Teachings Will protect You and others Against the Hypocrite works of ignoreant OR deliberately deceitful Preachers.


For love Its a different ballgame:


Look for answers from within...

Not from outside of You...


Listen to Yourself and to truth, which is found in people, language, in Yourself and in the Silence.


The Truth is:


"The Kingdom of Truth is Within...


These people see through the mask of hypocrites.

Please Remember; its China.

They only work with what they have...